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My gosh. All I ever write in this thing is rantings about school and homework.
Probably because that's what my life's composed of these days.

So, here goes another one


Why have I gone my whole life without knowing of this website?
Any chance of having a life again has just been thrown out the window.
Shame I have homework for the rest of my life.

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Besides, all the sweet tea sucks north of here anyway

My apologies for the last post.
I was in a mood.
But I've gotten over it, and altough this week is going to be crazy hectic with things to do,
I'll be fine.

I'm just ready for say, next week, when I'll have time for fun again.
I just want to finish this book I've been trying to read for 3 weeks.
And continue to teach myself to play the guitar.
(Fortunately for me, I'm a good learner and a decent teacher.)
And talk to my friends that I've put off calling for too long.
And actually go out on weekends.
Sigh. Go away, February. You can do it. You're almost there.

The other night I put off important things to write a spoof of Bowling For Soups's "Ohio (Come Back to Texas)".
Except my version is called Missouri (Come Back to Arkansas). 
I am awesome at recreating other people's work. Can't wait to mail it to Katie. :)

"Jermain Taylor wants you back
Johnny Cash would want you back
Wal-Mart wants you back
Chelsea Clinton wants you back
Evenescence wants you back
and Yarnells wants you back..."

Yes, these, along with John Grisham and Mike Huckabee, is about all we're famous for. :)

Alright. Scholarship time. Yipee!

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the needles the space

I 've been sleeping like crazy lately.
Wednesday I took a 20 minute nap before work. I was late, of course.
Thursday I came home from school and slept from 1:00 to 3:30. 
Yesterday I napped in English and Economics.
Last night I watched a few episodes of Joan of Arcadia before knocking out until 10:00 this morning.
This may sound normal, but it's not for me. I'm normally a very energized person.
Lately though I've been falling into deep heavy slumber anytime I can get comfortable enough.
That just tells me how dang tired I really am. 
I feel like I'm always going. Somthing's always due, I've always got to be somewhere, someone's always expecting something from me.

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And now, once again...off to apply for scholarships, study math, create some gay career commercial for physics, learn the meanings of big words that I will never remember to use, and memorize a 25 line poem. I've started to forget what it's like to have fun on the weekends...
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I think I might be getting sick.  Ugh.

I spent all last night reading on the couch.
I guess tonight is payback. Physics, Pre-Cal, College Algebra, Scholarships, blah, blah, bite me.

I'm wondering if I should go to church tonight or not. 
I'm not a big fan of Wednesday night church now that there is no longer a youth program.
We basically eat for an hour and pray for ten minutes.

I've started to feel fat lately. Well, not really fat--you can't be too fat at 110 pounds. 
However, it's that time of year that eating becomes a drug for me, and I actually start to realize it.
Pretty soon the ghetto girls will be asking who my baby's daddy is. 
I've got to start working out.
Only problem is: there is no gym nearby (although my town HAS upped our taxed and started to build a community center behind the school, though I will never be around to see it open),
we have no exercise equipment at our house,
it's too cold to walk/jog/run outside,
and my mom keeps buying delicious fattening foods.
Plus, Girl Scout Cookies came in today.
Gosh, life is so hard for the American Teenager.

92 days 'til graduation.
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Are we supposed to honor Bush today, or just the dead Presidents?

Today was not much of a day off for me, other than the fact that I slept until 10:15. I still had to go to college algebra, and my mom decided that she wanted to go with me so that she could shop in town. 
So we had to leave at 11:30. Then we ate not-so-amazing pizza at Pizza Hut.
Then she dropped me off at class 20 minutes early.
I got a 53% on the test. Glad I wasted an entire weekend studying my butt off for no reason.
Then when class let out, my mom was still shopping, so I had to linger around Community College for another 20 minutes.
Then I got to listen to her pity me on the way home. Poor little daughter. She's going to fail College Algebra, but it's ok, it's not her fault, she's done all she can, everyone fails sometimes, no one is perfect.
I'd feel a lot better if you'd just leave it be.
Then I came home and took a 30 minute nap, overslept, and was 15 miuntes late for work.
Work consisted of sorting through literally 50-year-old legal descriptions, leading to an unimaginable amount of dust in my eyes adn throat.
I don't think they'll ever be the same again.

On the bright side, my guitar is now in tune. :)
And even more worth celebrating...
Reseach paper is complete! Hooray for me!

So what if I'm 18 and in love with the Disney Channel?

I heart my GPS system. It is the best thing that could ever happen to lost-prone citizens such as myself.
Tom-Tom, you are amazing. I greatly appreciate and respect you.

Today I had lunch with my ex-youth minister and another friend. It took three hours to get our food, but it was well-worth it. I'm pretty sure Applebees is my new favorite chain restaruant.

Then, I came home, and watched Disney Channel shows for the rest of the day. On the internet. (When you only have 7 channels, and two of which are down due to a fallen tower incident, Hannah Montana, Cory in the House, and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody are very appealing.) I have concluded that Miley Cyrus is a very good actress, and that she reminds me a lot of Amanda Bynes. And also that living in a hotel, or better yet, the White House, would be pretty incredible.

Ok. I have SERIOUSLY got to finish this darned reseach paper. Right here. Right now.
Bring it.

It's a lengthy one...

Rain cancelled my Friday Night plans. Again. So I've spent the evening doing nothing productive, despite my long To-Do List.

Weekend To-Do List:
C.A. Homework
FCCLA Scholarship
Complete/submit yearbook 
Dinner with ex-youth pastor and friend
Ask ___ to write letters of recommendation
Begin attempts to learn guitar

Instead, I chose to clean out fridge/create amazing dinner combination, watch Ghost Whisperer, read old emails, and attempt to tune guitar.

My hands now smell like the antique shop where I bought the guitar. Not a pleasant aroma.
Sometime this weekend--maybe Sunday?--I will call my guitar-playing neighbor and set up a tutoring session. We used to be pretty close friends, until he started dating one of my then-really close friends, and now that they are practically married, I never see either of them. Sad.

Here comes the embarrassing confession: I'm the loser who, back in the anciet days of email, made specific folders for special people, friends, etc. For some reason today, I went through the Cory folder. (Cory=one of the 3 guys I've ever been in a "relationship" with. We started talking in February of my 10th grade year. We ended it in May because he was graduating, and we were getting bored.) I read all these emails he'd sent me...man did they bring back memories! It's like I was taken back in time to a very fun and exciting place...back in the wee young age of 16. It feels like soo long ago, and reading these emails made me smile. I haven't talked to him since, unless you count facebook. I'd like to, though...I'd forgotten how happy his fun and friendship made me. He was weird, yes...but boy did he make me think.  We would carry on intelligent conversations for hours...something I really hated that I couldn't quite grasp with Zach. Anyway. Maybe I should show up at his band's next gig. It would be a fun reunion.

Speaking of guys...
Casey is not the creepy 30 year old. And he is not a female. His appearance is normal, and that's pretty much all I know about him. Today everyone kept joking about it...it was pretty obvious..."Yeah, that CASEY sure is a cool guy."  "CASEY didn't get the answer to 24. Can you show him how to work it, GEORGIA?" And of course, there's always the Ray Charles song...
I guess this means I'll have to call him pretty soon, or else I'll look like a jerk. Goodness knows I could use a date so everyone will get off my back about being single for practically my whole life. Maybe I can add that to my to-do list...ha!

I'm pretty peeved at those stupid kids who didn't get their pages done even though I'VE REMINDED and even THREATENED them for two weeks. I'm sick of spending MY DAYS OFF to clean up OTHER PEOPLE'S MESSES. This is why I am not good in leadership positions. I can't tolerate lazy/stupid/disrespectful people. Maybe I'd been a funner editor if some people would just grow up and take the lead every now and then.


Bullet for my valentine

I've never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day. I think it's pointless, really. Shouldn't you show your love for someone ALL YEAR LONG, not just one day of it? And what's with those corny balloons and tacky pink teddy bears? Seriously, what types of cheap gifts are those? Balloons just float in the air for a few days. Teddy bears pile up in closets until they are finally either given away or thrown out.  Flowers smel like dead people and eventually start to whither and leave a mess on your table. Chocholate...well, I can't complain about that one. :)

Most people say I'm just bitter about Valentine's Day because I don't have anyone to share it with. This is not true, because 
a) I am not bitter. Just annoyed.
b) When I was 10, my grandmother died from cancer on February 14
c) When I was 13, one of my best friends died of heart failure on February 4, and a memorial service was held at my school 10 days later
d) When I was 14, I unintentionally ruined a friendship over a "valentine"
e) See reasons listed in above paragraph.

What can I say. I just don't have good experiences with February 14. And probably never will.
However, today was a very special, loved filled Valentines Day for me. Why?
a) My English teacher postponed the reasearch paper due date.
b) I bought a guitar--that I have no idea how to play--for $40.
c) I bought a cute dress for $14.
d) I bought an amazing pair of surprisingly cute running shoes for $20
e) I understood my C.A. homework.

Oh yes. Much love indeed.
Happy Valentines Day.  I hope you all had a good, usual day.
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100 Days to Go

I'm taking a reseach paper break. 
Not only am I getting angry that I'm still 2,000 words short, 
but I'm also getting depressed.
The Darfur Genocide is not a fuzzy topic.

Today In College Algebra I was passed a tiny little note with a guy's phone number on it. 
I hope he wasn't offended when I started laughing right in the middle of the lecture.
It felt like I was in Junior High again.
Either way, it pretty much made my day. Sad, I know.
What even sadder is that I don't even know what the kid looks like.
What was I supposed to do, just turn around and say, "So which one of you guys is Casey?"
With my luck, it's probably one of the creepy older people.
Or a girl.


I'm ready to the yearbook to be done.
I'm ready for my research paper to be done.
I'm ready for the weekdays to be done.
I need a night out. 
One that does not involve school or yearbook or college or this town.
Sleep wouldn't hurt, either.