March 4th, 2008

Just my luck.

It snowed this morning. And it actually stuck. It hasn't done that all winter. I enjoyed the whole 3 minutes I got to spend in it on my way to school.
By 2nd period, the ground was white.
By 3rd, it was brown again.
Stupid Arkansas weather.

On a different note, Saturday night was fun. We ended up at the River Market, where we paid WAY too much for pizza. Then we went to Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, and Target, where I met up with Lauren. Yay! Blake decided to take up German, Matthew possibly saved a girl from committing suicide, and I learned how not to play Rock Band. On the way home we had the usual England Rant--our town sucks blah blah our school is crappy blah blah the only decent people here are in this car now blah. And once again, it made me wonder, why don't I hang out with these boys more often?

My Dad is blaring gospel music, as usual. I learned to tolerate it when I was about 5, but when I'm upstairs with my door closed, and I still can't hear myself think, it's a little irritating. I hope my Dad's not going deaf or something. Because if he keeps this up, I'm about to.

College Algebra test tomorrow. I really really really hope I pass this time.
Guess I'm off to study.

Dear Algebra Professor,


Believe it or not, I am not stupid, and I am confident in that fact. Not only am I Valedictorian of my class, I've made high enough test scores to fully pay my way to college. I have a high A in my Pre-Calculus class right now, and it's a dang hard class. You think the only reason I feel secure that I'm not an idiot is because my school's classes are so crappy that they make anyone look smart. Well guess what? No matter how many times I say I hate it, my school is not a piece of dung. I've had some amazing teachers and crazy-difficult classes over the years, and for those that weren't good enough for me, I took over CIV, which no, are not fake classes. I am not lazy. I've worked my butt off to get where I am today. Don't think that just because I'm ranked #1 in a small school that I didn't have to earn my way there. Don't underestimate me. Just because I can't use your methods doesn't mean I don't know how to do math. I wish you'd realize this, because it pisses me off that I've failed your tests and quizzes even though I've gotten correct answers. Maybe if you'd broaden your mind a little, you'd see that people learn in different ways, and not all of thoses ways are exactly like yours.

Oh, and about your whole Anti-Calculator deal. Newsflash. It's 2008. We don't bleed sick people any more, because we've come up with more accurate ways to cure them. We don't drive horses and wagons, because cars can take us to our destination a lot faster. We don't calculate logrithims by hand, because Texas has so kindly given us an Instrument to do it for us, so that we can spend more time living our lives and waste less trees.

I know how to do everything on this test tomorrow. So why am I so confident that I'll still fail? Because I know I'm not going to write every answer in the form you expect of me, or work the problems in the way you prefer. There is a very good chance that I am going to fail your class. And I've cried over this reality several times. My whole life I've been taught that if you put everything you've got into something, you'll be pleased with the results. Obviously, that isn't always true. I work my butt off studying for your class, and haven't passed a quiz/test yet. But I've finally come to realize that if I do fail, it won't be my fault. I've worked hard, I've tried, I've given it my all. But sometimes, I guess that isn't good enough. If you fail me, I'll be really upset. But I'll be even more angry that I wasted $150 for a book, $500+ in gas, and $200 to sit in a classroom for 20 minutes while you assign homework. Your class has been a waste of my money and time.


Just another face in your classroom