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sometimes i think God just uses me as entertainment.

So one of my best childhood friends has a bachelorette party/lingerie shower tomorrow night. And I didn't have time to go shopping until today. So I drove all the way into North Little Rock and bought her a bra and thong set at JCPenny (kind of werid, since I still remember the two of us wearing those horrible granny panties when we were 8.)

Anyway, so I do a little more shopping and drive on back home so I can beat rush hour traffic. Everything's great, right? Until I get home and notice that I accidently got her a size large in the thong instead of a small. (It still looked dang small to me.) So I figure I'll just tell her I got the wrong size and give her the ticket to take it back if she wants. THEN I realize that the stupid plastic metal detector anti-theft device is still on the bra. WHAT? How did they forget to take it off? And how did it not BEEP?  

So there's something wrong with both pieces. With gas being $3.20, I can't afford to drive all the way back into town. Not to mention I'm wayyy tired and hate the fact that I already wasted $15 to get there in the first place. I won't have time to exchange it before I leave tomorrow, so I guess I'll just have to wrap them as they are and tell my friend that I'll take them back and give them back to her later.

Be more observant, JCPenny Boy!

In the meantime, what does one wear to a bachelorette party? And what activities are involved in one whose attendees are mostly underage?
I can only imagine.

My mom is sick as a dog. Therefore, I get to play housewife until she gets well. Now I'm a good, well-diciplined daughter, I clean often, and I cook decently. Mainly, I'm just busy and/or lazy. Which is why I'm heating up frozen chicken and french fries for dinner. But I guess my mom is always busy too.  Which is probably why we have frozen chicken and fries quite often.

As I somewhat mentioned in my last entry, I'm going to prom with Zach. Or I guess I should say Zach's going to prom with me. I thought about it for a long time before calling him, because I didn't want to stir up any loose feelings or anything. But at the same time, I really didn't want to try to scrounge up another random guy that I really don't know. Now I'm getting super excited. And I think he's more excited than I am, ha. It may have been a stupid decision, but sometimes those are the best decisions.

Have I mentioned that I hate college algebra? Because I really do.

70 days until graduation!

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