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Top 10 Reason Why I Love My Life

10.  It SPRINGTIME, aka the BEST time of year.

9.  It's 75 degrees outside, allowing me to wear a skirt and feel the sun shine on my bare white legs.

8.  I have in my hands a large Sweet Tea with Peach, which I only paid $1 for.

7. I no longer have to worry about finding a random guy to take to prom, seeing as I'm going with one of my best friends in the world.

6. Said prom date no longer has a girlfriend, eliminating any guilt involved with taking him.

5.  Both PCC and DLC are closed for Spring Break next week, therefore I have no College Algrebra for a week, and no Trig or Physics for two weeks.

4.  My BFF will be home in 9 days. As will my spring break.

3.  I am going to Hot Springs on Friday to spend time with old friends.

2.  Joe Purdy exists and makes amazingly beautiful music.

And the Number One Reason Why I Love My Life...

1.  I WILL BE SPENDING 6, POSSIBLY SEVEN WEEKS OF MY SUMMER AT BROOKHILL RANCH SUMMER CAMP AND/OR SURROUNDING AREAS (5, maybe 6 weeks working camp, 1 at highpoint). As much as I hate overly used exclamation points, I have to go ahead and say



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