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We got 5 inches of snow Friday.
That's a first in...a long time.


They shut down all the schools today, they even closed the roads

Despite the fact it’s springtime, we’ve gotten an inch of snow.

It doesn’t sound like much at all, but I guess it was enough

To make me think of all the times it snowed so much it stuck.

But it doesn’t snow like that anymore,

Not since you’ve been gone.


It’s been so long that I’ve forgotten

What one does on a day like this.

My natural instinct it to bundle up and run next door

And play with you, your bro, and my sis.

But this isn’t snow like that anymore,

Not since you’ve been gone.


I watch your house through my window, certain that you’ll come outside.

I hear a four-wheeler, my heart skips a beat—is it the one you used to ride?

Snow was a material used to build weapons and forts and men.

We’d play around for hours until our mothers made us come in.

But it hasn’t snowed like that for years,

Not since you’ve been gone.


Here I sit, looking at your old gloves, trying to remember

The last time it snowed in March, or February, or January, or December.

I wonder, was there ever such a thing as snow?

Or was there only you?

Because it hasn’t snowed at all, not really,

Not since you’ve been gone.


The ground is getting whiter, the snow is falling harder.

But there’s no one left to watch it with,

Not since everyone’s gone.


Our angels in the snow were covered up again,

Hiding any evidence that we were ever there.

They were covered with powder and ice

And time and age and wear.

But the angel you made has never left,

Your imprint is still there.


I’d like to go outside and play

Instead of just watch and stare.

But I don’t really like snow that much anymore,

Not since you’ve been gone.


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