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Just my luck.

It snowed this morning. And it actually stuck. It hasn't done that all winter. I enjoyed the whole 3 minutes I got to spend in it on my way to school.
By 2nd period, the ground was white.
By 3rd, it was brown again.
Stupid Arkansas weather.

On a different note, Saturday night was fun. We ended up at the River Market, where we paid WAY too much for pizza. Then we went to Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, and Target, where I met up with Lauren. Yay! Blake decided to take up German, Matthew possibly saved a girl from committing suicide, and I learned how not to play Rock Band. On the way home we had the usual England Rant--our town sucks blah blah our school is crappy blah blah the only decent people here are in this car now blah. And once again, it made me wonder, why don't I hang out with these boys more often?

My Dad is blaring gospel music, as usual. I learned to tolerate it when I was about 5, but when I'm upstairs with my door closed, and I still can't hear myself think, it's a little irritating. I hope my Dad's not going deaf or something. Because if he keeps this up, I'm about to.

College Algebra test tomorrow. I really really really hope I pass this time.
Guess I'm off to study.

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